Testimonials for our Cairn Terriers

Below is a sampling of our happy Cairn Terrier dog owners who found their best friends at Hena-C Kennels. If you have story you’d like to share about a dog you got from Pam, please send it along!

Hi Pam, I purchased a Cairn pup from you in 2005, I wanted to let you know that Gunther continues to be a joy in both mine and my families lives. He is by far the best dog I have ever owned. Thank you again for all the joy that you made possible. Thank you,

Danielle Ward, Piermont, NH


Cairn Terriers TestimonialPam – thanks for the visit on Friday. We really enjoyed meeting Cayenne and Tutter – what great dogs. Your set up and approach to the responsibilities and effort it takes to be a responsible breeder was so very evident, it makes us feel very secure and happy to be getting one of your puppies.

Mike and Rosemary, Pownal, Maine


Cairn Terriers TestimonialI decided to get a Cairn a few years ago and I did a lot of research. I ended up finding Hena-C kennels. Pam was great from the moment I spoke with her. We ending up getting Scooter and we LOVED him so much we got Sadie 6 months later. They are the best dogs; all my friends want to come over just to see them… not me! The vet LOVES when it is time for their shots and everyone smiles when they walk in the door. They are smart (sometimes too smart)! They are healthy, they have great personalities and there is never a dull moment… ever! They are always excellent for a good laugh! My vet was impressed with the dogs I got and equally impressed with the breeder I got them from, he said “good breeders like this are hard to find”. Pam does not just sell a dog and forget about you, 2 years later she is always there no matter what questions I have, no matter when I need to leave them for vacations or no matter when I feel the need to send her cute pictures of them and I know she’ll be there for a long time (probably for the rest of their lives). These puppies were born into a loving HOME, not a kennel, they are treated like they are her puppies and I could tell just by the personalities from the day I first picked Scooter out. I LOVE these dogs; they are part of my family. I hope Pam breeds these dogs for a long time because I know there will be more in my future and I plan on getting them from her.

Jess Hempfling, Deering, NH


Cairn Terriers TestimonialHello Pam: I just love my Cairn Terrier, Taffy. She is the best dog. Taffy is smart, cute, and fun to be with. She fit right into our home, plays great with our Rottweiler, and older black lab. She is a great watch dog, and companion. Even though I live many miles away, I am onsidering getting another Cairn from you. Thanks for breeding such a great animal. Sincerely,

Judy S. Oxford, NY

Cairn Terriers TestimonialPam’s puppies are perfect! Adopted at 8 weeks, my boy Jack is almost seven months old now. He is so smart and energetic and has a wonderful temperment. He loves people of all ages and dogs of all sizes. People are constantly complimenting his markings and the beautiful colorings of his coat. I couldn’t be happier with my pup! Thanks Pam!

Jayne Diamont, Salem, MA


Cairn Terriers TestimonialPam, I want to thank you for breeding such a wonderful Cairn our boy Prince. February 2005, Prince started to dig at my stomach at night so I had to put him back in his crate. Prince was like a possessed dog that had gone mad digging at my stomach. He would make noises like he was telling me to back off. Well, on May 13, 2005 I was told I had cancer. It took the doctor 3 visits and a biopsy to tell me I had cancer. If I listened to Prince’s nose I would have had it out in February not July of 2005. I now pay attention whenever Prince starts to sniff. I think I got checked so soon because Prince was always digging at my stomach. If it was not for Prince, I most likely would have put it off for a long time. I am so thankful for having Prince.

Lady is just so sweet too. She wags her tail all the time. I also have a sweet German Shepherd Caleb. Caleb is so sweet that if you are not careful he will wash your face. He is a nice looking dog. Caleb does not know he is a German Shepherd because he is so gentle with the two Cairns when they play. I have never regretted getting any one of these guys. In fact I do not know what I did before the 3 dogs came into our lives. In fact my 92 year old Uncle loves to watch all three play in my back yard. After getting such 3 wonderful dogs from you, I would never go anywhere else! I wish I could have more.

Claire Smith, Charlestown, MA


Cairn Terriers TestimonialNote: Pam Lake is formerly Pam Hennessy.

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