Stud Dogs

German Shepherd – Stud Dogs

We are proud to present our current German Shepherd Stud Dogs at von Hena-C Kennel . You can get more information, including their pedigree on each dog by clicking their name & /or picture. We would be happy to talk to you about any of these wonderful dogs and their breeding schedules and backgrounds. Not all of these dogs live at the kennel. Some live with their familes and we have a Foster Program that many of them are in. The foster dogs live in homes where they are family pets. Feel free to contact us!


At the von Hena-C Kennel

Zee von Hena-C

Zee von Hena-C
Bi-color, DOB: 6/10, 100% East German Shepherd.

Brewer von Nordosten

Hena-C’s Brewer von Nordosten
Bi-color, DOB 01/16, 100% DDR/East German.

These stud dogs are in our Foster Program

Dyno von Hena-C
Black Sable, DOB:3/14, 100% DDR/East German Shepherd. Dyno lives in a home in Webster,NH

Hena-C’s Rucker von Nordosten

Dark black/red, DOB 6/17, 100% DDR/East German.

Vader von Hena-C
Red sable,DOB:1/18
Half Czech/West German-half East German

RJ von Hena-C

RJ von Hena-C
Black Sable,DOB:1/18
Half Czech/West German-half East German

Nash “Belko” von Hena-C
Dark black/tan, DOB 3/17 100%
DDR East German
Belko lives in a home in Raymond,Me.

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