Vera von der Hena-C vom Kavallerie

Vera von der Hena-C vom Kavallerie

Project Description

 CGC, CGCA,CGCU, PSD-NC, Therapy Dog
OFA hips GS-102385626F-VPI elbows GS-EL40852F25-VPI 

Degenerative Myopathy clear by parentage

Vera is our beautiful half East-half Czech black sable girl who is an incredible family dog and awesome worker! She is 65lbs.She is so eager to learn and work with her handler and has great play drive! She earned her AKC CGC, CGCA and CGCU all within a year! She loves to use her nose and has attained her Novice Nose Work Container title with more nose work to come.She also won the best time for a Novice GSD award at the GSD Club of SNH Nose Work trail in April 2019. Vera absolutely loves people,has the sweetest temperament, has an easy going demeanor which is why she passed her Therapy Dog testing in February 2019 for Caring Animal Partners out of Loudon, NH. She is a very happy girlie who is always raring to go at any activity!


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