SG – Vala Aites Bohemia

SG – Vala Aites Bohemia

Project Description

ZMT, ZOP, T1, ZVV1 KKL  dark sable, Czech/East German.
Vala is a big solid, sweet girl.

Hip/elbows “A” stamp DDC Degenerative Myelopathy clear. 

Vala is a beautiful dark sable Czech import with some super bloodlines. She is on the larger side for a female with a nice broad head, a solid thick body and very good bone. She weighs 80 lbs. Vala is titled in the sport of schutzhund, breed surveyed and has a TART title which is a real protection based sport in Europe. This is similar to the PSA sport here in the US. It is rare to see females titled in this. Her nerve is solid, grips are great and she is a hard hitter in protection. When she is not working, she is an absolute sweetheart and very easy-going, quiet and easy to live with. Vala has had very nice litters and is a super mom. Pleased to have her in our breeding program.


Sire V-Fred z Pursava Chovu ZVV3 Sire Arno z Holykova 1P03, SCH3 Sire Arno od Vlasimske brany 1P03, SCH3, ZVV1, UMS, UMR, WUSV-3X, FCI-WM3X
Dam Bara Radhol 1P03, SCH3, FH, WUSV, FCI
Dam Egy z Pursova Chovu 1P03, SHC1 Sire V-Ary z Valskeho vdoli 1P02, SCH3, ZM, ZVV2, Zp01, RH-FLA, RH-TA
Dam Asta Z Pursova Chovu
Dam Sarah Rivie ZVV1 Sire York Annebri CACIT, 3UM CR 1P03, SCH3, ZPS1, FH2 Sire V-DerriKvom Hans Iris SCH3, PR
Dam Chasantra Anrebri 1P03, SCH3, ZVV1, OP1
Dam Christa Aritar ZVV1 Sire V-Gero z Blatenskeho Zamku 1P03, SCH3, 2VV3, FH1, ZPS1, OP1
Dam Jessi Mesta Sachet ZVV1