RJ von Hena-C

RJ von Hena-C

Project Description

Black Sable – DOB 1/18
Half Czech/West German-half East German
black sable,DOB 1/18 half Czech/West german-half East German

RJ lives in a home in Burlington,Vt
OFA hips:GS-105775G33M-NOPI
OFA elbows:GS-EL43989M33-NOPI
Embark DNA pending
RJ (Reiko junior) is one of those “once in a lifetime” dogs.  He was a special frozen semen breeding (Ema X Reiko) and has proven beyond a doubt that he carries those excellent bloodlines .He is around 80lbs with a thick black sable coat. RJ is happiest at our house on a cow farm wandering the fields and making sure nobody goes unnoticed if they pull in the driveway. Then off to our horse barn we go and he takes up his duty as ball catcher with all the kids in between horse back riding lessons. He is excellent with the horses and accompanies us on trail rides.Did I mention he has an amazing ball drive?! He LOVES his jolly balls or chuck it balls. Will chase all day in water or on land. Then in an instant can shut that off and just chill at the end of the day around a fire with friends. Oh and back to children, he loves kids. The younger the more gentle he is, the older he will rough house or go out and play all day with them. RJ also has amazing natural guardian instincts. He will always let me know if someone is coming up if I have my guard down. Can take him down to the city and bring him out all night and he will be on watch. RJ also loves water and will swim all day out on the boat. He goes to work at Audi/VW and you can catch him in videos on youtube. Everyone adores him everywhere he goes and comments on how he is the best dog. Gets along great with other dogs, csts,people, animals, etc. Throw him in a new environment and he will always pass your expectations. There are too many great things to say about this wonderful stud dog. No doubt he will pass his great temperament, ball drive, agility, and awareness to his offspring as he joins his brother Vader and 2 sisters Rica and Priya in the breeding program.



Sire –V-Rieko von Hena-C SchH1, AD, CD, TT, HIC, GGC Sire – Klockow’s Lex SchH1 Sire – Held vom Ritterberg SchH3
Dam – Afra vonder Datze SchH1
Dam – Billie Vom Tannenwald CGC Sire – V-Quindt vom Barutherland SchH3, FH
Dam – Torheit’s Bronte CD
Dam – Ema Smrekova Hora Sire – Corado z Vetrovej Luky Suvi Sire – Hoky Va-Pe SchH3, IP03
Dam – Pira Gaja-Nova SchH1
Dam – Ola Rval Aktiv Svvi Sire – Frodo Galan Natag Zvvi, IP01
Dam – Arina Rival Aktiv Suvi