Dyno von Hena-C

Dyno von Hena-C

Project Description

Black sable, DOB:3/14, 100% DDR/East German Shepherd. Dyno lives in a home in Webster,NH

OFA Hips:GS-94406G24M-VPI  OFA Elbows: GS-EL33596M24-VPI OFA Cardiac: GS-CA1468/21M/P-VPI Degenerative Myelopathy clear (by parentage)


Dyno was bred by us. He is a gorgeous black sable East German boy! At full maturity he will be a large male with a big head. He is tall and long bodied. He is 80lbs and 26″ tall. He has very nice conformation. Dyno has a great easy going personality.  He lives in a home with a close friend with another dog and cat. He takes daily walks to the farm next door to visit the cows,sheep and goats. He is very social with all. He spends once a week at the fire department hanging out since his mom is an EMT. He has a very friendly outgoing temperament. His mom takes him EVERYWHERE! Dyno does well with obedience work and has great ball drive. He can fire right up doing bite work as well. Dyno is a great addition to our studs and will bring many of his great qualities to his pups. He is full brother to Demi and half brother to Issy and Aero.


Sire Halk vom Grafental Sire V-Till vom Ludwigseck SchH3 Sire V-Don vom Clausberg SchH3,IPO3,FH2
Dam V-Quandell vom Grafental SchH3
Dam V-Askia v.d.Bismarcksaule SchH3 Sire V-Sando vom Haus Iris SchH2
Dam V-Britt v.d. Grauen von Monstab SchH1
Dam DDR Import V-Yanka vom Ludwigseck SchH1, KKL1 Sire Esko vom Gräfental SchH3 Sire Sando vom Haus Iris SchH2
Dam Venus vom Gräfental SchH3
Dam Zilla vom Gräfental SchH1, SchH2 Sire Sven vom Gräfental SchH3
Dam Sarah Neumann’s SchH1