Demi von Hena-C

Demi von Hena-C

Project Description

Dark black/red,DOB 3/14, 100% East German. Demi is a sweet,fun girl.

OFA: Elbows GS-EL33598F24-VPI OFA:Hips GS-94408F24F-VPI OFA:Cardiac GS-CA1419/19F/P-NOPI Degenerative Myelopathy (clear) by parentage. 

Demi was bred by us. She is 100% East German, 60lbs and 23″ tall. She is very dark and has beautiful structure. She is very compact which makes her very athletic. She is a sweetie and loves everyone! She has good working drives and loves the ball. She would live in the water if she could. Loves anything to do with water. She gets along with all dogs. Her bloodlines will add a lot to our program. She is a half sister to our Aero, half sister to Issy and full sister to Dyno.


Sire Halk vom Grafental Sire V-Till vom Ludwigseck SchH3 Sire V-Don vom Clausberg SchH3,IPO3,FH2
Dam V-Quandell vom Grafental SchH3
Dam V-Askia v.d.Bismarcksaule SchH3 Sire V-Sando vom Haus Iris SchH2
Dam V-Britt v.d. Grauen von Monstab SchH1
Dam DDR Import V-Yanka vom Ludwigseck SchH1, KKL1 Sire Esko vom Gräfental SchH3 Sire Sando vom Haus Iris SchH2
Dam Venus vom Gräfental SchH3
Dam Zilla vom Gräfental SchH1, SchH2 Sire Sven vom Gräfental SchH3
Dam Sarah Neumann’s SchH1