Hena-C’s Brewer von Nordosten

Hena-C’s Brewer von Nordosten

Project Description

Bi-color, DOB 01/16, 100% DDR/East German.
OFA prelim hips good/elbows normal
German “a” stamp hips/elbows normal
OFA Cardiac GS-CA1663/12MP-VPI
Degenerative Myelopathy clear by parentage and DNA test

Embark DNA test: CLEAR of all 160 tests for genetic health conditions

Brewer is the son of our awesome stud Zee. He is a fantastic dog who has a super personality and temperament. He is very social with all but definitely showing his breed trait of becoming a good family protector. Brewer is pretty laid back like his dad but loves to play ball! He is very environmentally sound. Since he has been 8 weeks old he has gone to work with my husband riding in a tractor trailer all over. He helps load heavy equipment at all the job sites. He is a big hit everywhere get goes. Brewer gets along great with other dogs just like his dad too. Brewer has excellent structure and is a beautiful bi color. When he fully matured he will be a good size boy! At a year old he is 83lbs. Brewer is extremely healthy and the DNA test results show that he will never have or pass on any health problems for 160 different diseases. We are thrilled to have another great stud dog in the lineup and to keep the Zee line going!


Sire – Zee von Hena-C Sire – Baron Vom Sand-N-Berg Sire – Unkas vom Osterburg Quell BH Sire – SG Condor vom Haus Christian SchH2
Dam – V Tess vom Schwarzhorn SchH3
Dam – Nunya von Hena-C Sire – V Rieko von Hena-C CGC, TT, CD, AD, HIC, SchH1
Dam – Hena-C’s Nina von Sassenhaus
Dam – Sand-N-Bergs Mia Sire – Draco Vom Sand-N-Berg Sire – Baron Vom Sand-N-Berg
Dam – Jina Von Parchmer Land
Dam – Jina Von Parchimer Land Sire – Cliff Vom Osterburgeck
Dam – Lisa Von Den Tonteichen
Dam – Lita vom Sucherquelle Sire – Atze vom  Hardtnocken Sire – V-Eddy vom Felsenschloss SCH3 Sire
– Muchta Vom Schwarzhorn SCHH3,FH
– Fenia Vom Zentaur SCHH2
Dam – V-Chica von den Grauen von Monstab SCHH 3 Sire
– Sven Vom Grafental SCHH3
– Uta Vom Schaferliesel SCHH3
Dam – Bora vom Haus Iris Sire – Trux vom Haus Iris SCH3,IPO3,RH1 Sire
– Iran Vom Tannenkrug SCHH3,IPO3
– Lissy Vom Hausiris SCHH3
Dam – Quelle vom Haus Iris SCHH3,PSH1 Sire
– Filou Vom Kaolinsee SCHH2
– Gabi Von Der Alten Wassermuhle SCHH3