Litters – Puppies for Sale

Our Cairn Terrier Litters ~ Puppies for Sale!

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Hena-C Breeders highly recommend reservations! There is a non-refundable deposit required to hold a Cain Terriers puppy. Cairn Terrier puppies are ready to go home 8 weeks after birth. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our Cairn Terrier breeding schedule.

We welcome visitors by APPOINTMENT ONLY! We love to show off our kennel and our Cairn Terrier dogs! Please call ahead for availability.

Please email for upcoming litters and availability!

Cairn Terrier puppies in a basket.

Cairn Terriers can have a stubborn streak because they are a terrier breed. They need consistency and should be trained. We highly suggest training your new puppy or dog! We highly suggest training your new puppy or dog! We have a few trainers around New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and greater New England that we recommend. Please feel free to visit their websites: Fortunate K9Olympia Kennels, Finlayson’s Pet Care Center, Canine Come Back all located in NH and Baystate Kennel & Traning Center, Francis Holder Dog Trainer, North Boston Dog Training, K9 Communications, Alpha Dpg K9 Training in MA.


We raw diet feed only 95% of our dogs. 5% still get a little of the Fromm dry added. Our litters are raised on half raw and supplements and half Fromm dry puppy food. We do half and half for puppies so we can help teach you to transition to full raw. Raw diet is a species appropriate diet and we HIGHLY recommend it. It will give your dog a long healthy life.

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