Breeding Females

German Shepherd – Breeding Females

We are proud to present our current breeding females German Shepherd at von Hena-C Kennel . You can get more information, including their pedigree on each dog by clicking their name &/or picture. We would be happy to talk to you about any of these wonderful dogs and their breeding schedules and backgrounds. Not all of these females live at the kennel. We have a Foster Program that many of them are in. The foster dogs live in homes where they are family pets. Feel free to contact us!

At the von Hena-C Kennel

SG – Vala Aites Bohemia
ZMT, ZOP, T1, ZVV1 KKL dark sable, Czech/East German.
Vala is a big solid, sweet girl.


Demi von Hena-C
Dark black/red,DOB 3/14, 100% East German. Demi is a sweet,fun girl.


Ema Smrekova Hora
Dark sable, DOB 2/15, Slovak/Czech/West German.

These Breeding Females are in our Foster Program

Issy vom Kavallerie

Issy Vom Kavallerie
Sable, DOB 02/14 50% East German 50% Czech.
Issy is a very sweet,fun,energetic girl.

Devyn vom Kavallerie

Devyn vom Kavallerie
Devyn is a gorgeous, large, very dark, rich black sable with the rusty undercoat.
She is 100% East German Shepherd. She is 75lbs.

Claremont Clare von Hena-C

Claremont “Clare” von Hena-C
Black sable, DOB: 11/12, 100% DDR/East German Sheperd.
Clare is a wonderful family dog with great temperment.

Lexa von Hena-C

Lexa von Hena-C
Black/red. DOB 3/15 – 100% East German.
Lexa is a very happy, energetic girl!

Irie von Henna-C

Irie von Henna-C
Black and red, DOB: 5/11, 100% DDR/East German Sheperd.
Irie is a sweet family dog that shows a goof ball side to her.

Cora von Hena-C

Black and red DOB 2/14 100% DDR/East German Shepherd
Cora is a happy, active girl.

Scout von Hena-C

Black sable,DOB 3/15 100% DDR/East German
Miss personality as we call her!