About Us (German Shepherds)

About von Hena-C German Shepherds

1. Who is Hena-C Breeders and how long have we been German Shepherd Breeders & Owners?

German_Shepherd_Wagon_PupsThe owner of von Hena-C is Pam Lake, a professional dog trainer who has owned and bred German Shepherds since 1983. She started raising puppies at Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation during her senior year in high school and was lucky enough to be able to keep one of her trainees that was not kept in the program.

Uta was the first German Shepherd and she taught us about how wonderful the breed is. She also went through dog training school as Pam’s pupil. She ended up being her demonstration dog for her business and she quickly discovered just how intelligent and versatile this breed can be. Because of Uta, we wanted to get into breeding and quickly bought our first breeding female; the rest is history.

2. What is our breeding program and what type of German Shepherds do we offer?

kennelvon Hena-C has a brand new state of the art kennel facility that has been completed as of May 2004. Our kennel sits on 7 acres of private, wooded land surrounded by a large area of wetlands that has an abundance of wildlife and beautiful brooks. We have a 36′ wide by 50′ long building that has 17 indoor/outdoor runs(completely covered outside), grooming room, office, bathroom/laundry and a huge open room above the downstairs to conduct training and playtime with our dogs and pups.

All the floors in the building have radiant heat including the outside runs. We also have A/C for the summer. Our place has an added bonus of being bug free for the comfort of our dogs thanks to JP Pest who sprays for mosquitoes and ticks.

kennelWe have divided our kennel in half in the run section to have a separate side for our whelping area. This allows the moms and pups to have a bigger and more secluded place to be. The other side is for the individual dogs. Both myself and the dogs are in heaven and spoiled with luxury. It has been a long time dream to get to this point.

Our dogs live in immaculate conditions with no fleas or parasites and are fed the best nutritional foods possible. Our German Shepherd are all pure European/German bloodlines which have been imported or are puppies born and raised from imports.

kennelWe have spent a lot of time selecting and matching the best bloodline to produce the the best quality pups for temperament, health, intelligence, and trainability. von Hena-C specializes in East German/Czech lines which produce a stocky,large boned, dark pigmented dog. We have found that these lines make great family pets with super trainability, laid back disposition, and are very social and beautiful to look at.

Most of our puppies go to family homes as pets but we also have many doing police, schutzhund, search and rescue, show obedience, and therapy as well. We spend a lot of time with the dogs from day one, handling and socializing them and doing puppy tests to get a feel of how their personalities are. This way we can match the puppy with the new owner and what that individual wants out of the dog.

kennelAll our breeding stock has OFA or German certified hips, including the entire pedigree on them. The dogs we breed also have some sort of working or temperament title and are out of a titled schutzhund background. Females range from 60-75 lbs. and 22-24 ” tall. Males range from 75-100 lbs. and 24-26 ” tall. All puppies are AKC registered.

We occasionally have older pups and young adults dogs for sale. The color of our puppies are very dark because of their bloodline background. We have mostly sables (black or red), dark black and red/tan and solid black.

3. What else do we offer with our pups?

kennelA complete physical with a State Health Certificate from the vet. The first shot and wormings. A 48 hour return policy for any reason. A record of what shots and worming were given and when the rest are due. A one year health warranty against any problem that is hereditary or congenital and one year for crippling hip dysplasia.  We replace the dog with another one but don’t require that you return the affected one. We stay in touch with all the owners and welcome any calls for help or problems throughout the life of the dog. They are our babies too and we want to know that they and you are happy.

4. von Hena-C Kennels is located:

20 minutes northwest of Concord NH. just off route 89 to route 127. We are 1 ½ hours northwest of Boston, 1 hour from the NH seacoast, 1+hours from the NH lakes region, and 50 minutes from Keene, NH.

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